About Us

Wynter’s Wear is a female owned independent clothing boutique that wants to be a service to all ethnic backgrounds for little girls around the world. A bit about Wynter’s Wear, we officially established in 2021; however, this has been in the works since 2018. I knew when I had my daughter Wynter, that I wanted to be able to one day pass something along to her that could be her own and of value. Originally the goal was to be a hair accessories line; but after more than a few hurdles we feel that this is the direction that God wanted us to take this brand in, and it feels so amazing to know that this purpose is being fulfilled. We both love fashion; from hair, to clothes, shoes and so forth, and in collaboration with my daughter we both want to share our joy for fashion with other little girls. Where we live there aren’t many options for girls to shop, and so our mission is to be the boutique that offers unique, beautiful but affordable options to girls around the world who may or may not have options locally. We hope our love for fashion translates in the items we are selling, and hope that you girls love what we have to offer as much as we do!